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Our vision is to take a complicated legal product – simplify it and put it in a box
We want to make company formations accessible to everyone. Our quick and simple off-the-shelf solutions suits the novice as much as the senior executive. We have taken the magic – and the cost – out of company formation and introduced the assembly line approach to law. Experience is the best techer – and no-one has more experience than us. Therefore our products are not only cheaper and faster, but also better!

LTD (Limited Liability Company):

A Limited company is an entity with which you can trade and make business. There is no minimum turnover with which you have to start with which makes the ideal way of starting up your business and start trading.

Trading through a limited company is safer since the liability you have is limited to value of the shares. This means that if anything goes wrong, your personal assets are protected since the liability is the company’s, not yours. This therefore gives you an advantage over trading as a sole trader, since in a sole trader setup, the liability is directly on you.

This type of company can be setup with us in only a few hours and in our capacity as approved agents with Companies House, making it easier than ever to open a Ltd company.

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